New FLDIGI/BPQ32 Combo
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Charles Brabham n5pvl-eeV24iX8Xvtg9hUCZPvPmw@public.gmane.org [linuxham]
2014-10-16 14:00:15 UTC
Note that the new version of FLDIGI includes a KISS connection to BPQ32
that allows use of a variety of digital modes with the BPQ32 node, BBS,
APRS and Chat functions.

For the latest version of FLDIGI, go to: http://www.w1hkj.com then go
to the Download page and choose the version for your OS.

A manual in PDF format for the new version of FLDIGI can be found at:

The latest version of BPQ32 can be found at:

The FLDIGI/BPQ32 combo utilizes a number of 8-bit modems, most notably
MFSK32, PSK250 and quite a few others including the new 8PSK modems. -
You'll know if you've tried to use an unsupported modem as it will not

It is left up to the user to avoid illegally running modems that operate
at more than 300 baud on HF.

I have a FLDIGI/BPQ32 station on the air daily after I get up in the
morning until 0130 UTC (8:30pm central) when I change my system over
for the nightly SGARN multicast transmission.

Look for my beacons on 10.145.5 USB +1000 in MFSK32 mode, call N5PVL to

73 DE Charles, N5PVL

Posted by: Charles Brabham <n5pvl-***@public.gmane.org>