FLDIGI on Thumb Drive Test
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Charles Brabham n5pvl-eeV24iX8Xvtg9hUCZPvPmw@public.gmane.org [linuxham]
2014-10-21 01:13:02 UTC
Today I concluded my test of operating FLDIGI on a thumb drive, which
was accomplished by placing FLDIGI and other associated FL programs in
an "FL_APPS" directory, as outlined in the FLDIGI documentation.

I ran FLDIGI and FLAMP successfully from my D: thumb drive for several
months. No problems. All related directories and preference files were
created there too.

Concluding that it worked just fine and deciding to free up that USN
port, today I created an FL_APPS directory at:


- And copied all of the files and directories from my thumb drive to there.

Once I had done that, all that remained was to update the FLDIGI
configuration to autoload FLAMP from it's new location, and update FLAMP
to autoload it's tx files from the new location. - I also updated the
desktop batch file to load from the new location.

First time I tried it out, it worked perfectly. - And now I've freed up
a USB port and a thumb drive for other uses.

Running FLDIGI from a thumb drive was an unqualified success. All SGARN
multicast were operated from that thumb drive for months with zero issues.

73 DE Charles, N5PVL

Posted by: Charles Brabham <n5pvl-***@public.gmane.org>